• This is Karabiner for Bungee jump which has totally different perpose from climbing karabiner
  • 3 types of karabiners : O, D, Asymmetry D (depends on the shape) or Straight, Wire, Bent type (depends on the gate type)
  • 1kn = 98kg strength
  • Karabines should be replaced within a certain period of time, since it's consumables.

Karabiner 51kn

  • Manufacturer

    Omega Paciific, Inc. (Made in U.S.A)

  • Model


  • Classification


  • Purpose

    Steel ring to link with a user when using leisure facilities 

  • Feature

    1. Asymmetry D type - easy to link with thick anchors
    2. Locking type
    3. Strength - up to 5T