Block Plan

1. Space Planning

It is important to decide the facility scale in the first place.

2. Circulation Planning

Find the most effective circulation plan by estimating how a customer will visit and leave the facility

3. Space Allocation

Make a decision on allocating spaces for each facilities by total surface area

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1. Foundation Design

 An accurate foundation design is needed

through a bearing capacity test.

2. Reinforcement work

    Implementing reinforcement work on the construction plan according to the structural calculation made by

the professional engineers

3. Safety Assuarance

Plan to prevent a crash between facilities according to the precise calculation of the drop zone made by our company.


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  • If you are considering a leisure facility installation, you should find an experienced company which will be able to make efficient designs which are safe and convenient as shown in the above.
  • Our company has provided more than 80% related facility designs in Korea.

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

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