Bungee Jump

  • We started first in Korea in 1995. 

  • Familiar item to people. 

  • Safe and profitable.  

Big Swing

  • Fly the sky like Superman

  • For all ages (2~4 user at once)

  • Extremely safe (Double cable wire system)

  • Appeared on famous Korean variety show 'SBS Running Man' E503 (081017) - Cheongpung Land

Scad Diving

  • The facility was first introduced in Inje Narsha Park, Gangwon-do by our company in 2013 

  • Enhanced safety by double safety device

  • Appeared on famous Korean variety show 'SBS Running Man' E248 (150524) - Inje Narsha Park

Zip Line

  • Environmentally friendly (can optimize existing surface such as mountain, green and waterfront areas) 

  • For all ages

  • ​Various form of zip lining (various equipments)

Sky Walker

  • First introduced in Korea by our company in 2013. 

  • Enjoy the view on the top of a tower and have a thrill by strolling around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower with no fence.

Zip Rail

  • Perform a high speed with gravity based non-electric powered system

  • For all ages

  • ​Has a simple structure to minimize the maintenance cost

Ejection Seat

  • First introduced in Korea by our company on April 2002

  • Inspired by the jet emergency exit system.

  • In opposition to Bungee Jump, it bounces up from the ground to the sky of 140km speed by the releasing system.

  • Appeared on famous Korean variety show E502 (171001) - Cheongpung Land

Multi Complex tower

  • You can customize any extreme leisure ride into a Multi complex tower like the one at Cheongpung Land(Bungee Jump + Big Swing + Ejection Seat)

  • ​You can look for those profitable items and there some designs we suggest in the detail.

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