Sky Walk

​There are two most famous Sky Walk facility, one is at Macau Tower and the other one is at Grand Canyon. However, there's a big difference between those two.
The picture above is Sky Walk at Grand Canyon, it has safety fence around it, so the tourists can walk around freely without any equipments. By the way the floor is installed with glass, so they will be able to see through it and it's quite thrilling. However, it is designed more to enjoy the veiw than leisure activity.
This is the one at Macau Tower called 'Sky Walker'. It's very famous around the world. As you can see from the pictures, there's a significant difference between Macau tower's  and Grand Canyon's. Macau tower has no safety fence with a perimeter of the tower and the platform is narrow. For the safety, user will have to wear safety equipment to link up with the frame. With this safe system, they will be able to stroll around the tower, and those of who want to be more extreme, can try some dynamic moves like picture on the right side.
The Sky walk type that we handle is 'Extreme Leisure type' which is similar to the on at Macau Tower and we firstly introduced this to Korea in Inje Narsha Park, Gangwondo in 2013. It's a multi tower combined two items which are Scad-Diving and Sky Walk. Also, we designed the floor with made of glass to increase the excitement of the facility.
번지점프 이용절차

Sky Walk Procedure

1. Users will be asked to wear the safety equipments before taking the lift.
2. After the equipment, taking the lift to the top of the tower with a staff (Sky walk lounge).
3. Staff will link their safety equipment with the frame installed at the tower.
4. Users can enjoy Sky Walk outside of the tower with the safety system. They can take pictures with dynamic poses.

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