Big Swing

  • ​Tower height: 20m ~ 50m (recommended)
  • Swing distance: 40m ~ 100m
  • Capacity: 30p ~ 50people /h 
  • Staff: 2
Big Swing can carry up 2 ~ 4 people each operation. Users can fold their arms to fly, so it's very friendly and fun. 
The winch system will drag the users to the maximum point. After that, a staff will give the user a sign to pull the rope (release system) and they will fly in semicircle in Superman pose.
Our Big Swing facility is well-known for appeared on famous Korean variety show 'KBS Running Man'. (Pictures below)
Big Swing Procedure

1. Wear a harness (safety equipment) and move to Big Swing platform.

2. On the platform, a staff connect the harness to Big Swing facility and give the users instructions.

3. Winch system drag the users to the tower and stops automatically when it reaches the maximum point. 

4. Once a staff give the user a sign to pull the rope between them, (release system) the user release it to fly in the sky in a semi circle.

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