Training course
Leisure items already introduced
by our company
​We can offer you the most safe and efficient training courses by a lot of experience in leisure field. 
​(JOY Inc. own training program) 
New leisure items not introduced yet in Korea
We can offer you the best training course that suits your business perfectly by cooperating
with our overseas partners  
(Collaboration training program with our  overseas partners)
For All
  • 5 nights and 6 days training program for each items
  • The trainees who fulfill the training course will get certificates
  • Safe operating system manual will be given including the daily safe check-list
  • ​basic form for management & operating system will be given
  • We offer safe and efficient operating system by a long direct experience of managing a various type of leisure rides
  • Hiring an unprofessional company to operate such businesses will cause not only inefficiency, but some accidents. However, our company suggest you the optimal operating system with an optimal number of staff required for each leisure businesses.
  • Unprofessional companies often use low quality safety equipment or never replace consumable equipment such as cords and ropes to reduce budget, but this might lead to bring all those terrible accidents. Our company's systematic management will guarantee the safety to our customers by our professional knowledge and experience in this field.
Consign Management

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

Professional ​Sightseeing & Leisure facility

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