Bungee Jump 

  • ​Tower height: 50m ~ 60m (recommended)
  • Jump point: 50m
  • Boarding weight: 36kg  ~ 110kg
  • Capacity: 12p ~ 18people /h
  • Staff: 3
Bungee Jump is already familiar to the tourists around the world and it has various types of the tower. The picture above is Cheongpung Land Bungee Jump Tower which is running by our company. It is the highest in Korea (62m) and a multi-tower combined with Bungee Jump + Ejection Seat + Big Swing. We can build this kind of multi towers combined with several items. Below pictures are the towers just for Bungee Jump.
'L Shaped type (Bundang Yuldong Park)
Diagonal type
Bridge type
Bungee Jump Procedure

1. Go up to the tower after wearing a safety equipment and be ready to jump by following the staff's instructions.

2. By following staff instructions, the passenger jumps in a stable position.  

3. The jumper will be bouncing up all over.

4. A staff will catch the jumper safely on the boat.

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