Leisure type Zip line

Training type Zip Line

  • ​Equipment type: Extreme/Normal/Chair
  • ​Distance: Minimum 300m ~ Maximum 2,000m (Long distance with just one course)
  • Control system: Automatic
  • Capacity: 25people /h
  • Staff: 4 ~ 5
  • ​Equipment type: Normal
  • ​Distance: Minimum 10m ~ Maximum 450m  (Short distance with more courses)
  • Control system: Manual
  • Capacity: 15people /h
  • Staff: 10 ~ 12
Zip line is one of the extreme leisure sports that is spreading all around the world.  
It's type can be divided into two, Leisure type and Training course type.
The difference between them is the distance of the course and the equipment. 
Different types of Zip line equipments
​Equipment type: Extreme
​Difficulty level: Advanced
​High speed, facing down while zip lining (Missile form)
​Equipment type: Normal
​​Difficulty level: Intermediate
​It's the most common zip line equipment type, most of the training zip line uses this equipment.
​Equipment type: Chair
Difficult level: Beginner
Sitting down to zip line, very easy and safe, all ages can enjoy

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

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