• ​Operation type: One way, Round trip, Circuit
  • Speed: 10km/h ~ 40km/h 
  • (The speed is depending on the angle of the slope)
  • Boarding weight: up to ~150kg
  • Assist roller and bump prevention brake system

Zip Rail

  • Unlike Zip line, Zip rail can corner freely.
  • can optimize existing surface such as mountain, green and waterfront areas
  • While the rope type need a whole replacement when the rope is damaged, this rail type can be fixed specific parts that are broken. Therefore, more efficient in safety management and maintenance.
​Zip rail is a new type of extreme leisure facility developed by Korea's technology. It is non-electrical power and only using gravity to railing down the slope. It is proven to be safe and has 6 patents.

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

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