​The items will be depeding on our customers, but we just need to make sure that it shouldn't have any problems of crash in between the facilities.(We will to consider each facility's drop zones to prevent any accidents.
Below are the models we suggest for you.

Model 1 (4 axis tower)

​​Model 1 is combined with 10 adventure and safe rides with an observatory.

Model 2 (4 axis tower)

​​Model 2 is combined with 5 most recognized facilities with an observatory.

Model 3 (T Shaped tower)

​​Model 3 has an artificial bridge at the top and designed to make the best use of limited vacant areas.

Model 4 (Cross tower)

Model 4 is suitable for those areas with no water. It has 3 great rides which are safe and good capacity including an observatory at the top.

Model 5 (T-shaped tower)

Model 5 has 3 extreme rides which suitable for railroad areas.

Model 6 (T-shaped tower)

Model 6 has 3 facilities which are great in safe and capacity. These items are for people of all ages.

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

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