Ejection Seat

  • ​Tower height: 20m ~ 50m
  • Bouncing height: 40m ~ 100m
  • Boarding weight: 36kg  ~ 110kg
  • Capacity: 30people /h
  • Staff: 2 ~ 3
This ride is inspired by the pilot emergency exit system. Opposite to Bungee Jump, it bounces up to sky. Users will be seated in the Ejection Seat which linked up with the cords on both sides. The cords will be stretched to maximum and released by the winch system. However, it is proven to be very safe. Even if the cords breaks, there are extra back-up lines equipped inside the cords, so the passenger will never fall off from the ride.
​It has appeared on the famous Korea variety TV show 'SBS Running Man' E502 (171001). The place (Cheongpung Land) is under our company's operation.

Ejection Seat Procedure

1. Wear safety belt after board on the Ejection Seat.
2. By activating the winch system, the cords will be stretched to maximum.
3. At the maximum stretch, staff will release the releasing system and the Ejection Seat will fly off.
4. Ejection Seat will be spinning and bouncing up and down at the same time.

“No matter how small the project is, our crew members will do their best to make it successful."

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